Second Flush Mushroom Blocks


At our farm we produce one flush off of each of our 10lb or 5lb blocks of sawdust substrate-meaning we harvest mushrooms one time off of each of our sawdust blocks and then we remove them from our greenhouses to be processed into compost or mulch.

Utilizing second flush mushroom blocks to produce mushrooms is a great way to farm mushrooms passively. What we mean by "passive mushroom farming" is that with these blocks you have the ability to harvest delicious mushrooms from home without much input!

Gently remove the grow bag from the block and then place each block in a shady area on your property or cover them with a shade cloth. Water them regularly-we recommend using the shower setting on a hose and spraying each block for a few second when watering. If you are growing during the Spring or Fall, you only need to water them a few times a week, if you are growing in the summer water them regularly. 

Each block has the potential to produce 2-4 harvests after the first flush.

Place an order and call us at 406-830-5781 to make an appointment to pick up second flush blocks at our farm right outside of Missoula. We will place them for you outside on a shelving unit and you can pick them up Monday-Friday 9-6pm.