Wine Cap (Garden Giant) Sawdust Spawn
Mother Fungi

Wine Cap (Garden Giant) Sawdust Spawn

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One 10lb bag of sawdust spawn. 

Our 10lb bags of sawdust spawn can inoculate a bed 100sq ft and 6in deep. Lead time on our sawdust spawn is 2.5-3 weeks. We reccomend layering this spawn between straw and covering with wood chips. If you don't have access to both substrate using one or the other will work. 

We can ship your sawdust spawn to you or if your local to Missoula, you can pick up your order at the Clark Fork Market on Saturday from 8-1pm, Wednesday from 5-7pm at our CSA pickup at Imagine Nation Brewing Co, or at our farm located right outside of Missoula.

Bring this beautiful mushroom into your garden this season!