Gourmet Mix 1 lb Mushroom Box
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Gourmet Mix 1 lb Mushroom Box

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A 1# mix of our Chestnut, Lion's Mane, and Blue Oyster Mushroom. 

Chestnut mushrooms have a slight nutty flavor profile. The stem on this mushroom is delicious and when cooked through it takes on a crunchy texture.  

Lion's Mane has a unique texture and flavor profile similar to that of Lobster or Crab. We utilize this mushroom as a substitute for crab meat in a variety of dishes, our favorite being Lion's Mane crab cakes. 

The Blue Oyster is a versatile mushroom that has a tender cap but chewy stem and a mild but sweet earthy flavor profile. We love to use this mushroom for a crostini, soup, or pasta dish.